Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Easy Canvas Pictures!

For some time now, I had searched in vain for pictures to match my nephew's bedroom. When they moved last year, I had free-handed stripes in orange and blue in place of a headboard on his wall. I finally decided to make my own! Fairly easy to do, and took only a few days, off and on, due to drying times. :)

Stage 1
I purchased the canvases at Hobby Lobby, a 2-pack for a bargain at $5.99 each! Initially, I used blue painter's tape and a ruler to mark off lines that I would paint in with basic black acrylic ($2.99 a tube). 

I did this stage over a 2 day process, letting the acrylic dry and then retaping. Had minor issues with the blue tape. It bled in places, and finally switched to masking tape, but next try may use the frog tape and see how it works.

To color in the squares, I used the original wall paint that I had used on my nephew's walls in the first place. Glidden's Carribean Sea and Orange Slice, in semi-gloss.  A lot goes a long way with these.

Finished Product!!!  I am really happy with how they turned out! They are each different, but connect and this is how they will hang on his wall. Can't wait to put them up! Next time, I will try a different tape for marking things off, and try using the colors first, and see if it makes any difference overall.

To break it down, this is what I spent:

5.99 X 2 for 4 canvases
2.99 for the black acrylic
Caribbean Sea and Orange Slice paint, leftover from previous project
foam paint brushes and tape, already had as well.
$14.97 total

Overall, I am thrilled and am already attacking my next project, a little lamp redo.
What crafty thing have you made this week?

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