Saturday, April 7, 2012

DIY Bed Canopies!

Now, what girl wouldn't love to have a bed canopy over their bed?  And no, I'm not talking about the tulle ones that seem to be decorated for younger children, we're talking BIG GIRL canopies!  I have found so many wonderful ideas lately, there are a lot of extremely creative people on the web!

This one comes from the amzing people at Lowe's, and you can find the link to it here , for their Mediterranean bedroom ideas. We made one for my daughter recently, and our hanging basket only cost $4.97 (at Lowe's) and the paint to spray it white. We used one simple white sheer panel, ($5 @ Big Lots) and sewed it on. Was a little time consuming, but wanted to make sure a cat attack wouldn't knock it down too badly!

It didn't QUITE turn out like I wanted, so I may re-do it with 2 panels, as suggested.

This one, I found at this wonderful blog, The Inspired Room. It doesn't seem too complicated, if you can sew a bit! Here's is the link to it.

Another variation of the one above is at the blog, Nest.

Well Happy Easter, fellow bloggers!  Hope these inspire someone to get a little creative and pretty up a room if they've been wanting a canopy, like my teenager!!

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